Can’t stop people


We always face a situation when we try to convince someone that they have to take a decision and move on it..we fail at that moment.. Mostly.. And they panic.
I wish I could stop people from panicking.. I wish I could convince them that it is them who make things complicated and unusual..they don’t decide and take a single and firm decision.. And simply just walk on it..
It happens generally when a friend or our loved ones panic..about their life, love,career, beauty. At that point of time when they are tensed ..u can’t stop them..give them advice.. Suggestions or I can say they are never convinced to their expectations from life. We feel their pain so much that we try to console ..find new ways to make them happy ..but what they literally do so…is to panic and nothing else.
When our mind is full of doubt’s we forget what is obvious,simple and in front of us lying.. What we have to do is..simply it is accept the truth that whatever we decide is going to be on way. We just have to take one decision than walk on it blindly ..trusting our faith.. And taking it as a fact that what will happen …will happen. If we keep on wandering from one decision to another we will never reach anywhere.
For instance , we are in the middle of some troublesome situation.. We immediately got to act..and just..just walk on it cleverly. Just accept the truth that no decision is wrong..yes friends every decision lead us somewhere. But to panic over things will only ruin the present moment or opportunity.
So never panic over matters.. Just see them becoming a child’s play.. 🙂 😉
#dedicated to the most lovely person…


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