Defeat the dark..


These beaming and splendid stars so high..why we see them only in darkness.. Darkness…A resemblance of sorrow and emptiness ..strange..isn’t it..
The above thought crossed my mind…no I am not at all going rather in a scientific way but morally. Night is full of dark..stars are a token of light..we have been taught by our grandparents.. In their stories of fairies..magic…those stars…that pixie world…some fairy dust.
Nature has its own ways to teach the lesson. If the dark is dominant then the light can always shine. If life gives dismay and sorrows..its an omen…yes an omen that we are the chosen one..a chosen one by god..a one who can shine ..crossing the depth of darkness..reaching to the levels of self improvement.. Self development. Like in alchemy, a metal is turned into gold.
Don’t fear darkness..cross all barriers to shine high .. 🙂


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