Neon skirt..


Working on neon colors is always wonderful.. And when it is about tulip cut ..its my favorite as for always..when a skirt takes the shape of a blooming flower it captures the eye so easily..
Again busy in one of my stitching assignment… For gods grace its finally completed. All layers stitched at the bottom consumed most of my leisurely hours …when I would have been sitting on a sofa and watching TV. But this job was tough in the beginning.. Drafting…cutting and hash…stitching which took my breath each second. Yeah I don’t like stitching.. But wow what it is now turned to be really   needs a hats off for sure.
Imagine the life without bright colors is so boring.. All dull and pastel shades always gives a background of past me I see 1960s ..all black and white and colorless. I saw a flower bright…beautiful.. Refreshing…tulip…yes it was. Got an idea…ran to my sketchbook.. And here is the immediate result.
Hope ..friends you also liked it ..


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