A new day..


Being sad..depressed ..don’t know the way …don’t know the direction.. A door which would give even a glimpse of sunlight.. The sunlight which will enlighten the path ..for sure..yes..for sure..
Exactly the same words every heart shouts..longing to come from an unending darkness. This darkness is actually a state of mind which can be changed easily by a strong will.
When I once was depressed and just wanted to isolate myself from everyone and everything ..my dear sister was there to tell me the magic of this new philosophy. Yes marvelous it works on sad times. She told me to close my eyes for a second and imagine my carefree childhood and just to rewind the cassette till today’s reel. I tried and what I felt was how my life has changed from a candy eating little one to an emotional grown up. I felt that it will rather continue in future too….yes ..got it,right..every day will be a new one ..full of unexpected tragedy or surprise whatever..yes..Whatever ..that we must learn to welcome.
So friends, let’s come to the point..if we are surrounded by this darkness we should repeat a day with a totally new life…flying with every new moment…new people… New beginning.. Running from what is ruined to what should be constructed.. It will definitely be a change to welcome a new life..with a new sun shining bright ahead leading to some untouched horizons…
Just make a new schedule.. Make it a habit to try new …all new..
Just stay blessed 😉 🙂


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