Hate..a strong word


Hate..a very firm and heavy word..impact the mind of the speaker so efficiently that he or she can go to any extent..of destruction..
The mind can become so catastrophic that it can even kill somebody, oneself or the whole world…
Yes friends did you see those famous movies which involves some vampires,anacondas or Godzilla. Yeah I know a huge dread image it is now creating in front of you. I am not going after a chimerical world…no I am not talking of some imaginary world. But I know ,what I am referring is unquestionably right.
If we develop a feeling of hatred or grudge towards our fellow ones,one day for sure as hell,the dark spirits in our mind will turn us evil…so evil that even if we want to come back ..it will not allow us…it will turn us into guilty criminals one day..yes…for sure.
If we want to escape, than we have to follow some fruitful efforts of avoiding to feel words like hate because it will destroy another person just after wrecking ourselves.


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