Crazy on prints..



Going for a party or outing..and want some classy stuff to wear which would for once sweep off ones feet, ..hook everyone’s attention to you. To be somewhat different…like Cinderella walking in the ball party..
If you really yen for it then go shopping for some pair of printed pants. You have mostly plain T-shirts and don’t want to pair it with those usual denims than the best alternative for you is to have some floral,polka dots,stripes or some stylish animal prints.
I am myself is a big admirer of some leopard or zebra skin printed attire..those are truly unique and lovely pieces to put upon.
Some of you may be thinking printed pants as too messed up or unusual creations. Yeah, because for once I also thought the same..I never used to shop these..but now I am longing for more and more. Firstly, to stand apart from crowd..creating my own style. Secondly, I now can rectify my mistake of thinking it to be so messy and overprinted ..the fact is ..friends, the main part is styling..if we wear these with some overprinted T-shirt or heavy accessories….these all will surely eat up its glamour would be of no use then..
But on the other way ,if we combine a pink floral printed pant with a plain white T-shirt…. Yes you are imagining yourself right will look like a floral fairy goddess.. Damn gorgeous.
So let’s not make it complicated… Be somewhat different… Create your own style with printed pants…
And yeah tell me if it works 🙂 😉 


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