A magical escape..from reality..


I am tired..tired of being lonely..tired of all hardships god giving me..this life is nothing but a curse ..why people are so self centered.. I want love and to be loved.
No friends these words are not mine but its a daily practice of most of us. We all are some way or the other tired of the stress and pain mentally tearing us apart .We want a relief through all this ..
If we don’t see a way out of our darkness we look above for that heavenly power.. We pray..Do we ever notice his lovely creation around. Do we ever try to meditate and notice even for a fraction of moment on those beautiful mountains,deep sea, peaceful grass…those who does for sure understand the purpose of living..the worth of fresh air ..the essence to be alive.
We all want to die for others even if there is so much to live for ourselves.. Live in the present alone to find about your own uniqueness.. Make a habit to be happy..because for once in a million years we get the life of a human being…
Make it worth. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


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