Simple..yet eye catchy..


Let’s add up some extra design some different neckline..oh my god !!! That stone is marvelous add it here and its simple ..let’s make it more gorgeous.
Oh gorgeous do we really know its true meaning.
If we refer to a dictionary or something we get its literal meaning as beautiful or magnificent, that we usually don’t like to do…but in simple words we can wholeheartedly define it. Gorgeous is something that pleases our heart ,eye and mind. Beauty is a state of unending joy and peace. We overlook the things that are simple but if we carefully observe the true essence of beauty lies therein.
A simple, casual outfit is so charming that we can never resist to get some cash out of our pocket. At times it happens that a lot of here and there embellishment and fabric patches confuses the buyer. He cannot then decide the occasion to put it upon.
A balance of colors ,design as well as silhouette retain a respect and harmony in an attire. It avoids disorientation and chaos in the mind of a active customer.

He or she than love to say…
Yeah …it is..simple.. But woww it is something to look graceful to buy..

So never to underestimate  simplicity..


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