Paradise in Hellll..


Her desires are for paradise ..for a peaceful life..happiness knocking her door dragging herself  in the world of dreams eternal joy. He has an ideal life enjoying with even a fraction of leisure and wealth…but still besides all these lies a sense of disappointment .
Nobody seems to be really happy and contented. Yes, the main reason is contentment, don’t we all feel our wishes pending and pending more to that heavenly power. We all are never ever satisfied with our life. We all want paradise and the burden of all troublesome tribulations of life seems like hell.
Do you know what our hell is …our mind and what we think of what we have .We all have lost gratitude and embrace greediness blindly..
Let’s take a test…for once forget all that yummy food,crazy friends, caring family,faithful pup,admiring lover,beautiful nature…
Then only we will realize the true value of what we have …
Yes then only …a night of hell will miraculously turn into a day of paradise…


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