I am..not you


I’ll chase him to death..do you know why..why because he  ruined my life and now he is happy.. I’ll make him understand my pain..how hurt I am ..how sad I am..I’ll take my bloody revenge my whole life…..WHAT RUBBISH..WHAT A SILLY DECISION..
Yeah most of us will blindly follow such opinion. But do we ever bother about its righteousness ..no..I think never..OK let’s not take its moral side but by being practical and logical do we even try to consider the Fruitful impact of such avengement.
Do we ever get such a peace of mind so desired by us. Let me tell you what happens the next …
Our lives are filled with grudge..like all those playing the characters of  antihero in some of the popular serials.
If a bit of good happens in our opponent’s life our mind is full of doubt..for ourselves …for god..towards this beautiful life..
We all waste each breathe in competing and complaining instead of living and cherishing.
Friends.. Just give it a thought if each and everyone becomes the same it will create a devil town for sure..
We lose our Morales our values and first and foremost our humanity.
Its good sometimes to teach a lesson and take revenge but its not at all good to become a devil like them and waste our full life..
So let’s enjoy ..paint the town..cherish the moments..be child like..our life is waiting at our doorsteps..full of unpredictable astoundment
Let’s not be like them ..let’s rejoice our own bloom… 🙂


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